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Outside the bank obligo

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How does It work?

  • We connect lenders and borrowers as of 2014. Lenders are private individuals or businesses interested in giving loans to businesses in order to get all of the interest earned from the loan, and borrowers are small and medium business owners with at least two years seniority who wish to obtain a loan to expand and develop their business.
  • lender's funds are divided through an automated system among many other borrowers through a simple and quick loan process that does not require a frontal meeting between borrowers and lenders.
  • The loan is tracked through BTB's system, a smart and user-friendly system that allows you to see all the necessary information regarding your loan –principal amount, remaining loan’s amount, future due dates and more.
  • BTB embodies the banking of the future – we integrate technology and professional analysts to do just that, without intermediaries, without branches and without hundreds of employees – and everyone earns!


We are here to help you grow.

Quick registration, chat on site or Facebook, telephone guide with a representative, professional analyst who accompanies you throughout the process and decision within 3 business days of receiving all documents.

Let us acompany and guide you until you get the loan and save yourself extra time to manage your business.

Because when your business succeeds, we all earn.

Why BTB?

Large loans in convenient spread Payments
BTB offers loans of up to NIS 1,000,000 for a period of 4-12 years. So your business gets all the financing it needs, and you enjoy small returns in a convenient spread Payments
Without liens
In order to take a loan from BTB there’s no need for liens. We know that the banks demands to secure assets as a condition for a loan – but we are here to help you and not make it difficult
Quick check
BTB loans are approved within 3 business days on average - after all your requested documents are received. BTB does not need a business plan for you to apply for a loan
Free early repayment
BTB loans are granted for long periods, but that does not mean that you can not repay the loan whenever you wish. In BTB you may do so - without fines or fees
Outside the bank obligo
Loans through BTB are outside your bank's bank record, so your credit limit is not affected at all. The loans are transferred as shareholders' loans to the business account or directly to the corporation of your choice
Fixed shekel interest
Interest rates through BTB are 5% -8% per annum - excluding prime, linkage and surprises. Loan management fees are added to the total loan amount so that your business gets all the financing it needs


"Following the large loan I received from BTB, I expanded my activity overseas and significantly increased my income from the business"

Haim Oz, owner of an international company for the implementation of agricultural projects, asked for and received a loan of NIS 1,000,000, with which he chose to build advanced technological incubators in Africa and the United States

"Following the large loan I received from BTB, I expanded my activity overseas and significantly increased my income from the business"

Haim Oz, owner of an international company for the implementation of agricultural projects, asked for and received a loan of NIS 1,000,000, with which he chose to build advanced technological incubators in Africa and the United States





Who are we

The platform's founders are Shlomi Turgeman and Alon Katz, who also serve as CEOs. The company's board of directors includes Prof. Adi Ayal, Dr. Yael Binyamini, Eli Kadosh and Danny Chrust - who are among the top economic experts in Israel. The company has 20 employees.

Do you have any questions? We have answers!

Absolutely legal. On February 1, 2008, the P2P Loan Regulation Law came into force. BTB was very active in the legislative process. The regulator responsible for the activity of the platforms is the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority.

Our borrowers are normative borrowers who have passed all the tests detailed above, who wish to receive big loan at better conditions they would have received from banks or from other sources.

Most loans are granted for periods of 4-6 years. The platform also offers gold loans, large loans that are backed by significant collateral, which are granted for a period of up to 12 years.

A business owner will be required to provide full information for all businesses in his possession, including: balance sheets, profit and loss statements for the past two years, last audited report, current account balance sheet, VAT reports for the past year, and more.

The process of obtaining the loan is fast, simple and without liens. Simply send the required forms (listed in the guide here) in a convenient way (even through Whatsapp!) And a professional analyst will accompany you until you receive the results.

No. All depositors enter into new and existing loans (in the event that another depositor sold his loan portfolio). The operations are performed automatically according to the algorithm of the system.

The borrower pays the loan according to a fixed repayment schedule and is known in advance according to the Spitzer method. Upon granting the loan, the borrower deposits with BTB checks for the entire length of the loan, and the first check is deposited in the first month following the loan. Thus, each month the payment deposited is the total of the principal + interest for the investors. You can also repay the loan at any time, with an advance notice of 30 days.

We do not rate. We believe that loans should be given only to those who we think will repay the loan. In our opinion, it makes no sense to give a loan to a C-rated borrower willing to pay interest at 14 percent but fail to pay the loan along the way. We, like our investors, want the loans to be paid. Therefore, our analysts examine the borrowers and determine the interest rate in relation to many defined parameters, including: the size of the business owned by him, the seniority, the assets of the business and of the business owner, the assets of the guarantor and more. We do not approve borrowers who do not think they can repay the loan and this is the most important principle. Another important principle guiding analysts' activity is the normality of the borrower, that is, a person who not only will be able to pay the loan repayments, but also that it will be important for him to meet his obligations and pay – and for that we have systems and a dedicated investigation process.

Today, business owners fail to raise substantial loans from banks for growth despite positive activity and positive data. The banks require securities (a deposit, a property, a new vehicle) against a loan, and even if the borrower provides a lien – the loan is usually given up to 60% of the value of the lien. We find business owners who are good borrowers and allow them to have fair loans. The state funds are certainly not a priority because, along with the long process and the preparation of the expensive business plan, every business owner is required to keep 25 percent of the approved loan amount in a deposit and therefore it is much more expensive for him.

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The above is subject to the Company's terms, conditions of use and legal provisions as updated from time to time. granting a loan is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Company. granting a loan is conditional upon signing a loan agreement and compliance with its provisions. Failure to meet the repayment of the loan or the repayment of the credit may result in an interest in arrears and execution proceedings.

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