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From its start in 2014, Be The Bank has pioneered a very different kind of social lending platform. Founded on a revolutionary idea that an investment or loan does not need to be controlled by a traditional bank.
Since its inception, BTB has promoted legislation that allows the public in Israel to benefit from the field of social lending – as investors or business owners seeking a loan. Through the use of advanced financial technology, BTB has succeeded in revolutionizing and creating real competition in the credit market in Israel. This enables everyone to invest in Israeli businesses while earning the most competitive rates.

That’s a little about our platform but we’re only as good as our people. This approach has enabled our leadership team of Shlomi Turgeman and Alon Katz, who act as co-CEO to put our investors and borrowers first in all of our decisions. Supported by the company’s board of directors, which include Danny Chrust – Chairman of the Board, Iris shalgi and Eli Kadosh, who among them have decades of experience in the field of banking and are among the foremost economic experts in Israel. We work hard so you don’t have to. We love our work - and love success. We are technological, we are human, we are responsive and professional. We are banking of the future. We are BTB.

Account Trustees – Ziv Haft Trusts & Holdings 2003 Ltd. (BDO Israel)

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BTB's Management

שלומי תורג'מן, מייסד ומנכ"ל BTB

Shlomi Turgeman

Founder, Director and CEO

Co-CEO, director and founder. Lecturer at Bar Ilan and other academic institutions. As part of BTB, he was a key activist in promoting the law to regulate P2P loans in the Knesset. In the past he owned a law firm specializing in shareholder relations, corporate relations and antitrust and the economic interpretation of The program "Behind the Money" on channel 13. Father of Zoe, Tomer and Ann, married and lives in Tel Aviv

אלון כץ, מייסד ומשנה למנכ"ל

Alon Katz

Founder, Director and Deputy-CEO

Former investment advisor at a Discount Bank investment center. Has 10 years of experience in the capital market, and holds an MBA. Alon earned a spot on the Globes 40 Under 40 in 2019, a list highlighting Israel’s most promising young executives and business leaders. Lenny's father, married and lives in Tel Aviv

דני כרוסט, יו"ר הדירקטוריון

Danny Chrust

chairman of the board

Chairman of the board of directors. Served as a director of the insurance company "Shirbit" until its sale to "Harel" company. Was VP of marketing and sales at Nisco Telematics of the Nisco Arden Group and developed businesses in India, China, Brazil and Singapore. VP of marketing and sales at Arad Technologies of the Arad Dalia group active in the USA, China, India, Spain and Great Britain. Marketing Director in American airlines and CEO of the Association of Travel and Tourism Agents in Israel. In the past he was a senior executive at Bank Agud Israel

תמונה של איריס שלגי, דירקטורית

Iris Shalgi


Director. Iris Shalgi is a philanthropist and social entrepreneur. Iris is the founder and chairman of "Mahalach Foundation", the chairman of "Be for good" association, a member of the Israel Council for Culture and Art, a member of the board of directors of the Korat fund and member of "Jewish Funders Netwrok Israel". Iris hold a MBA in Human Resources Management

אלי קדוש, דירקטור

Eli Kadosh


Director and Chairman of the Credit Committee. One of the Bank of Israel's senior executives in the past. He held a wide variety of positions at the Bank of Israel in the areas of the business sector, foreign exchange, banking, capital movements and the balance of payments. He served as chairman of the Bank of Israel's training fund and represented Israel in international working groups at the World Bank , the IMF, Euro-Start and OECD. He also serves as chairman of the investment committee of the PPM company and of the provident fund for academics in the social sciences and the humanities, and a member of the public council of "Meuhedet" HMO.

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