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Perfectly legal. On 01/02/2018, the P2P Investment Regulation Law came into force, or by its official name, Amendment no. 4 of the Financial Services Supervision Law (Regulated Financial Services), 5777-2017.  We will state, that BTB has promoted the legislation which enables P2P activity in Israel and has taken part in drafting the bill and all Knesset meetings and committees until adopting the amendment to the law as it is currently phrased. BTB operates with the approval of the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority, the regulator responsible for the activity of P2P platforms in Israel. To view the approval of continued operation of BTB click HERE

Business owners, authorized dealers, limited liability companies, societies and partnerships with at least two years of activity, requesting loans in large amounts (100,000 ILS – 1,000,000 ILS) for medium and long periods (4-15 years). Our borrowers are normative borrowers who have passed all the examinations listed above, who wish to receive the loan on better terms than they would have received from banks or other sources. 

The process of receiving the loan is fast and simple thanks to unique technological systems developed by BTB combined with the most advanced systems in the world.  Each borrower can receive a principle approval for a loan within 2 minutes! All that is required is to enter the data required by our examination system. Immediately after receiving the answer, a professional account manager will contact you, who will accompany you throughout the process until receiving the loan. Computers are not your forte? You can call us at 0732-0732-55 and a representative will gladly assist you.

(To view the borrower's guide click HERE

The borrower pays the loan according to a fixed amortization schedule which is known in advance according to the conventional Spitzer method, according to which the monthly payment includes the principal and interest. When the loan is issued, the borrower deposits checks with BTB for the entire loan period, and the first check is deposited as early as the first consecutive month after the loan is issued. This way, each month a check is deposited which includes principal + interest for the investors. Since it is a fixed shekel interest, the payment is fixed and without surprises throughout the term. It is also possible to repay the loan at any time, with an advance notice of 30 days, with not fines and/or commissions.

We offer a variety of credit routes of your choice with different loan periods, with most loans given for periods of 4-6 years. The platform also offers gold loans, which are large loans backed by ut certainty (lien of a real estate property or financial deposit) in addition to the borrowers' liabilities, which are given for a long period of up to 15 years. 

During its time in operation, BTB developed a unique borrower rating system based on borrower data. BTB is the only company that has developed the ability to quickly learn and analyze any business through a combination of advanced technology and human factor.

BTB's loan product is the best and most correct business loan for many businesses, and these are loans that the banks, whether for regulatory reasons or due to limitation in analytics capacity – do not usually offer, so many borrowers compete for our loans. BTB offers borrowers fair loans for growth and further value production, outside of the banking total credit.

A business owner will be required to provide full information for all businesses in his possession, including: balance sheet reports, profit and loss statements two years back + last audited report, trial balance for the current year, VAT reports for the past year, and information that will enable familiarity with the borrower.

Yes. Every loan is backed up by a guarantor. The guarantor will be checked according to the route and the amount of the loan requested.

As is well known, BTB provides loans to businesses with at least two years of activity. This enables BTB to learn about the years of activity prior to the loan request. BTB data show that the average age of a business which has received a loan through BTB is 9 years. These businesses are experienced businesses that have accumulated a certain amount of capital and the ability to cope with crises, which proved during the COVID-19 period that they know how to make the necessary adaptations and even grow during this period. For businesses which were damaged during COVID-19, BTB has launched a special route which constitutes a continuation of the state-guaranteed principal, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economics and with the guarantee of the Ministry of Economics for loans which will be given to businesses which were damaged during COVID-19, however these businesses will have to show continuity and profitability and meet the BTB rating conditions.


Opening an account on the platform and creating a savings account is recommended for anyone who wants to receive higher interest on their money, whether they are invested in another investment channel or whose money is "lying" in the bank's short-term deposit. BTB customers earn an average interest rate of about 6.6% on the loans (compared to about 0.1% received on money in a short-term deposit in the bank).

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The foregoing is subject to the Company's terms, terms of use and the provisions of the law as updated from time to time. The aforementioned should not be considered a commitment to achieve any return and the information on returns and/or interest rates obtained in the past does indicate returns and/or interest rates that will be achieved in the future. The foregoing does not constitute any investment advice and/or replace investment advice and/or taxation advice tailored to the client's needs. P2P's activity in Israel is regulated under the Financial Services Supervision Law (Regulated Financial Services), 5766-2016; the granting of the loan is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Company.  Failure to comply with the repayment of the loan or credit repayment may result in a charge at arrears interest and execution proceedings.

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