Smart investments in Israeli businesses

Give loans to Israeli businesses, diversify your portfolio -
and earn all the interest

suitable for any amount

Interest of 5%-8%

B-Match dispersion

5 investment protections 

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How does It work?

  • BTB's technology brings investors and borrowers together since 2014. The investors are individuals or businesses interested in giving smart loans to businesses in order to receive the entire interest for the loan.
  • Each investor's money is distributed, automatically, through the B-Match system, which generates for each investor a portfolio of loans of hundreds of borrowers (growing constantly) in a simple and fast loan process that does not require a meeting between the investor and the borrowers.
  • The tracking of loans and interest rates is carried out through the personal area of the BTB system, a smart and user-friendly system that allows each investor to receive a forecast in relation to his personal loan portfolio from one year up to 60 years ahead!
  • BTB is a pioneer of P2P loans in Israel  (also called "peer-to-peer lending" or "social loans") and the platform has unique expertise in analyzing businesses that embodies future banking – we combine technology and professional analysis, without intermediaries, without branches and without hundreds of employees – and everyone benefits!


BTB Business Owners

Meet business owners who have received funding to grow their business through BTB

Solid investments in which everyone benefits - Simple. Fair. Smart.

Business loans are usually investments in small and medium-sized businesses in Israel, with a proven track record and business activity of at least two years, cash flow and growth ability. Your loan, no matter what amount, together with the loans of thousands of other investors, helps Israeli businesses develop, and promotes the Israeli economy to growth.

For businesses, we offer a growth loan from NIS 100,000 to NIS 1,000,000 for periods of 4-6 years and at an interest rate of 5%-8% per year. We also offer loans backed by the encumbrance of a real estate property or financial deposit.

BTB investors earn all the interest on the loans, and businesses get the credit they need to grow. Simple, fair, smart.

Why BTB?

Thanks to our 5 smart defenses

Human and Technological Analysis
In order to obtain a loan, the borrower must own a business activity of at least two years or be a property owner. The borrower's details will be technologically examined, and after meeting our threshold conditions, which require normative economic conduct from the borrower, a detailed analysis of the borrower will be carried out in which the business activity will be examined and, in addition, the borrower's conduct will be examined and only according to the results, the borrower will be approved for a loan at the appropriate interest and amount
Wide dispersion
Your money is important to us. Although each of our borrowers has undergone detailed analysis, our systems do not allow a case in which one investor's money will be given to a single borrower. Therefore, BTB has developed a unique BANKING TECH AWARDS-winning system called B-Match that automatically creates a portfolio of hundreds of loans per investor, so that no more than 2 percent of your money will be transferred to a single loan (with the exception of gold loans also backed by the encumbrance of property or money).
Guarantor and Promissory Note
div style="direction: ltr;">Each loan has at least two figures. BTB requires each borrower that, in addition to him, a guarantor will also undertake the loan to sign all legal documents, including a promissory note. This guarantor will also be examined and approved by the BTB analyst team as a condition for giving the loan. If necessary, BTB will also contact the guarantor to collect the loan.
Legal defense
div style="direction: ltr;">Each loan is backed by legal documents signed by the borrower and the guarantor. In the event of an ongoing credit problem or a loan repayment failure, investors will not be required to take any action on their part and the issue will be transferred to legal treatment which will be funded by BTB at no cost to investors.
Mutual Guarantee Fund
div style="direction: ltr;">To increase protection against BTB fluctuations, the fund was established for mutual guarantee. Each investorset provisions from each deposit and from each receipt 1% of the investment amount to the mutual guarantee fund. In case a failure in the loan was defined, in accordance with the platform rules, the monthly payment (principal and interest) will be paid from the mutual guarantee fund. The funds accumulated in the fund are intended for paying and handling failed loans alone, these funds do not belong and will not belong to BTB. It is important to emphasize, that the sum provisions by each of the investors to the mutual guarantee fund is not returned to the lender upon withdrawing the money.
You're in good hands
div style="direction: ltr;">BTB has a credit committee composed of first-class professionals with vast seniority in providing credit to a wide range of businesses in Israel. The committee has been acting alongside an experienced board of directors with members who are senior professionals in economy, law, capital market and the academy.

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The foregoing is subject to the Company's terms, terms of use and the provisions of the law as updated from time to time. The aforementioned should not be considered a commitment to achieve any return and the information on returns and/or interest rates obtained in the past does indicate returns and/or interest rates that will be achieved in the future. The foregoing does not constitute any investment advice and/or replace investment advice and/or taxation advice tailored to the client's needs. P2P's activity in Israel is regulated under the Financial Services Supervision Law (Regulated Financial Services), 5766-2016; the granting of the loan is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Company.  Failure to comply with the repayment of the loan or credit repayment may result in a charge at arrears interest and execution proceedings.

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