Smart investments in Israeli businesses

- Give loans to Israeli businesses, diversify your portfolio
and earn all the interest

Starting at only 2,000 NIS

Yield of 5%-8% each year

Wide dispersion of borrowers

Five investment protections 

נגן וידאו

How does It work?

  • We connect lenders and borrowers as of 2014. Lenders are private individuals or businesses interested in giving loans to businesses in order to get all of the interest earned from the loan, and borrowers are small and medium business owners with at least two years seniority who wish to obtain a loan to expand and develop their business.
  • lender's funds are divided through an automated system among many other borrowers through a simple and quick loan process that does not require a frontal meeting between borrowers and lenders.
  • Loans can be tracked through BTB's system, a smart and user-friendly system that allows you to evaluate the performance of your personal investment portfolio from one year to 60 years ahead!
  • BTB embodies the banking of the future – we integrate technology and professional analysts to do just that, without intermediaries, without branches and without hundreds of employees – and everyone earns!


Investments in which everyone earns - simple. fair. smart.

Investments are in small and medium-sized businesses in Israel, with at least two years of business activity, cash flow and a strategic growth plan. Your loan, no matter how much, along with the rest of the investors' loans on the platform, helps small Israeli businesses develop, pushing the entire Israeli economy to growth.

Most of the loans range from 100,000 NIS to 1,000,000 NIS, for periods of 4-6 years and interest of 5% -8% per year.

You earn all the interest of the loan, and the businesses get the credit they need to grow. Simple, fair, smart.

Why BTB?

Wide dispersion
Your investment is important to us. Although our borrowers are good borrowers who have been analyzed, we will not give the full amount of money of one investor to a single borrower to avoid a situation where a sudden event will cause all the money to be lost. Therefore, our system automatically spreads your investment to the maximum possible borrowers, so no more than 3 percent of your investment will be transferred to a single loan
Supervision by the Capital Market Authority
The platform is supervised by the Capital Market Authority pursuant to Amendment No. 4 to the Control of Financial Services (Regulated Financial Services) Law - 2017
Human and technological analysis
In order to obtain a loan, the borrower must own at least two years of business activity. The borrower's details will be examined technologically, and after meeting our threshold conditions, a detailed analysis of the borrower will be performed, which will determine the interest rate and the amount of the loan
You're in good hands
BTB's credit committee is composed of highly qualified professionals with a wealth of experience in providing credit to a wide range of businesses in Israel. The committee works alongside an experienced board of directors and senior members in the world of economics, law, the capital market and academy
Legal backup
Each loan is backed by legal documents signed by the borrower and the guarantor, including a loan agreement, a promissory note and checks for the monthly payment. In the event of an ongoing credit problem or failure to repay a loan, the issue will be transferred to legal treatment at no cost to investors
Compound Interest
Any loan repayment that comes out for additional loans will increase the spread and the yield and will entitle you to a compound interest rate


Interest paid to investors so far

Average interest

Example of an investment portfolio

שלומי תורג'מן, מנכ"ל משותף ומייסד

עו"ד מומחה בתחום של יחסים בין בעלי מניות, יחסים תאגידיים והגבלים עסקיים. יועץ מיזוגים ורכישות, בניה ומימון של מיזמים משותפים, ומרצה למשפטים באקדמיה.

אלון כץ, מנכ"ל משותף ומייסד

לשעבר יועץ השקעות במרכז השקעות של בנק דיסקונט. בעל ותק של 7 שנים בשוק ההון, ובעל MBA.

דני כרוסט, דירקטור

דירקטור בחברת שירביט, סמנכ"ל שיווק ומכירות בחברת ניסקו טלמטיקס מקבוצת ניסקו ארדן. הקבוצה פועלת בישראל, ספרד, ארה"ב, הודו וסין. בעברו היה בכיר בבנק איגוד, סמנכ"ל שיווק בארד טכנולוגיות מקבוצת ארד דליה, ובמשך מספר שנים מנהל מסחרי של חברות תעופה.

אלי קדוש, דירקטור

מילא במשך למעלה משלושים שנה מגוון רחב של תפקידים בכירים בבנק ישראל בתחומי העסקים, מטבע חוץ, בנקאות, תנועות הון ומאזן התשלומים. שימש כיו"ר קרן השתלמות של בנק ישראל וייצג את ישראל בקבוצות עבודה בינלאומיות בארגון OECD , Euro-Start ועוד. מכהן גם כיו"ר ועדת ההשקעות של חברת PPM ושל המח"ר.

ד"ר יעל בנימיני, דירקטורית

בכירה לשעבר בבנק לאומי ומנכ"לית החברות הראליות של הבנק. כיהנה כדירקטורית בחברות רבות שבבעלות בנק לאומי וכן לאומי למשכנתאות, בנק ישראלי ערבי, קשת ועוד. בנוסף מרצה לכלכלה באוניברסיטת תל אביב.

Who are we

The platform's founders are Shlomi Turgeman and Alon Katz, who also serve as CEOs. The company's board of directors includes Dr. Yael Binyamini, Eli Kadosh and Danny Chrust - who are among the top economic experts in Israel. The company has 20 employees.

Who are we

The platform's founders are Shlomi Turgeman and Alon Katz, who also serve as CEOs. The company's board of directors includes Dr. Yael Binyamini, Eli Kadosh and Danny Chrust - who are among the top economic experts in Israel. The company has 20 employees.

Do you have any questions? We have answers!

According to ruling from the Tax Authority, we deduct from any investor who is a person – 15 percent tax from the interest. The tax is automatically deducted by us every month. At the end of the year, each investor receives a 867 form for all interest received in that year. In relation to companies, the tax is as high as corporate tax, and a corporation that presents an exemption from withholding tax at source, including interest, will be able to pay tax on the annual payment date and benefit from a more significant compound interest effect during the year.

The vast majority of BTB's borrowers are people with businesses with at least two years of business activity who are interested in a large loan (NIS 100,000 to NIS 1,000,000) for medium terms of 4-6 years. Our borrowers are normative, repayable borrowers who wish to diversify or expand their credit for growth. In general, the interest that borrowers pay is a fixed annual interest, according to the Spitzer Table, which is determined by various characteristics such as size, seniority, quality of borrowers/guarantor, normative and many other parameters.

No. All depositors enter into new and existing loans (in the event that another depositor sold his or her loan portfolio). It is important to note that an existing portfolio that is sold is without an ongoing credit problem since it is not possible to sell loans with a continuing credit problem. The operations are performed automatically according to the algorithm of the system.

Today, business owners fail to raise substantial loans from banks for growth despite positive activity and positive data. The banks require securities (a deposit, a property, a new vehicle) against a loan, and even if the borrower provides a lien – the loan is usually given up to 60% of the value of the lien. We find business owners who are good borrowers and allow them to have fair loans outside of the bank's bank. The state funds are certainly not a priority because, along with the long process and the preparation of the expensive business plan, every business owner is required to keep 25 percent of the approved loan amount. To make use of it even though it pays a return on principal + interest.

We link borrowers and lenders through a legal agreement between them and the relationship between the parties is legal. However, according to the provisions of the law, we do not disclose to the borrowers who the lenders are and do not disclose to the lenders who the borrowers are so that each party does not know about the other.

When there is a delay in repaying the loan, the mutual guarantee fund pays the lender the remainder of the principal and the interest of the monthly repayment of the loan. The transaction is done transparently – we mark the loan in red so that the lender knows that the fund paid the returns instead of the borrower (so the investor was not hurt). The legal team of BTB will act legally to collect the loan from borrowers and guarantor. Until the money is collected from the borrowers, and as long as the fund has accumulated funds, the fund will pay the monthly repayments.

BTB will hold the legal proceedings against the debtors of the loan and will manage the collection proceedings.

Absolutely legal. On February 1, 2008, the P2P Loan Regulation Law came into force. BTB was very active in the legislative process. The regulator responsible for the activity of the platforms is the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority.

All the money of the lenders is deposited in a trust account.

The distribution is automatically performed by the system. To date, each depositor's portfolio has been fully dispersed within two weeks on average. The initial spread is 30-40 loans, after which the portfolios continue to branch out for additional loans via BTB’s automatic B-match system or from the monthly loan repayments. A customer who recovers his funds for a year is exposed to about 100 loans on average, and in any event, in order to reduce the risk, no more than 3 percent of the lender's money will be directed to one loan (except for gold loans where the exposure is greater but backed by additional collateral, additional).

The investment funds will be given as loans to business owners for a period of 4-12 years, but investors have access to their funds at any stage. Investors have two options to withdraw their investment’s money:

  1. to cancel the loan cycle and withdraw any amount returned from the loan.
  2. Choose an amount they want to withdraw, and ask to sell their loans to other investors with our automated selling tool. Selling the loan is free of cost. The sale process is usually quick – but the sale is not momentary, and depends on the amount of other investors looking to invest at the same time. It is possible to request to sell all active loans without impairment, except for loans with ongoing credit problems that can be requested to sell at a reduced value (or, alternatively, not sold and continue to receive refunds through the mutual guarantee fund).

Each loan has variable characteristics such as size, seniority, quality of borrowers/guarantor, sector and others – which will affect the interest rate.

Most loans are granted for periods of 4-6 years. The platform also offers gold loans, large loans that are backed by significant collateral, which are granted for a period of up to 12 years.

The Reinvest mechanism allows for the reinvestment of the monthly repayment– which is known to the public as "compound interest". In this way it is possible to increase the interest rate significantly, and indeed, most of our lenders choose this way. This mechanism does not affect the selling options, and you can ask to sell the portfolio at any given moment.

In order to increase the protection against fluctuations and failures, we established the Mutual Guarantee Fund. In this framework, as of today, each investor secures from each deposit and from each receipt 1% of the amount in favor of the fund. The fund pays the balance to the investor's share of the loan in a credit problem in accordance with the platform rules. It is important to emphasize that the amount that is deposited in the mutual guarantee fund does not return to the lender at the time of the withdrawal of the money.

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The above is subject to the Company's terms, conditions of use and legal provisions as updated from time to time. The above should not be regarded as a commitment to achieve any yield and no information on the yields and / or interest that was obtained in the past in order to indicate future yields and / or interest rates. The above does not constitute investment advice and / or a substitute for investment advice and / or tax advice tailored to the client's needs. P2P activity in Israel is regulated under the Control of Financial Services (Regulated Financial Services) Law – 2016;

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